Thanks to the mediation of CERL, an agreement has been signed between the British Library (BL) and the Italian National Agency for Cataloguing (ICCU). EDIT16 (, the Italian National database of all books printed in Italy between 1501-1600 and of books in Italian printed elsewhere, has until now been limited to describing the copies of these editions held by Italian libraries and libraries within Italian territory. However, libraries outside Italy, pre-eminently the BL, hold hundreds of sixteenth-century Italian editions in unique copies, the recording of which as part of the database is essential for the Italian national retrospective bibliography. In particular, the BL is one of the most important collections of Italian books outside Italy with around 10,000 16th-century editions, of which more than 5% (500+) are editions surviving in a single copy.

Libraries outside Italy have never been included hitherto in EDIT16. With the agreement, the BL is the first foreign library to be listed as a holding library for all those 16th-century Italian editions of which the BL holds a copy: now more than 8,600 books are recorded for the BL (location: UK0001), but this number is rising. New records are being created and will be added over the coming months as part of the PATRIMONiT project